To make a short story of one of my dating experiences, I have been seeing a guy from one of these dating sites, and he seemed okay. Well, online he did.

In person, he was a little socially awkward, had a bit of a superiority complex, and he was a little too touchy-feely in public. Obviously, I let these shenanigans go on way too long simply because that one thing was actually pretty good. Don’t make me say it.

Anyway, we had plans to get together this past weekend, but his awkward abruptness got the better of him, and he ended up snubbing me over the phone. Me being me, I didn’t take well to his rudeness, so I tried to address it. Of course, then he has to go even further, taking a slight dig at my family’s chosen profession. This was a bad idea.

We argued a bit, neither wanting to back down, until I said I didn’t want to fight and that I thought we should reschedule our date. In my mind, we both needed to calm down and reflect a bit. I don’t like hanging out when I’m upset, because I refuse to fake affection or happiness. His response: best of luck to you.

So many things I wanted to say to him, but I just told him to take care. Really, it was going to end anyway, he wasn’t relationship material. His loss, and I can honestly say he probably can’t do better. Not to make me sound amazing, but who really wants to put up with a guy who is socially awkward, thinks he’s above his peers, is still aspiring to be a rapper, is trying to make a commercial gimmick using a hand puppet to make money, is living wherever people can spare a couch, oh the list goes on. Really? Best of luck?

Self-reflect, get some priorities and a car, find some stability, lose the rapper nonsense AND the puppet, and your best luck might bring you someone decent. But you should know that you never had, nor could you ever have had anything serious with me.

That’s all.

2 thoughts on “Hypersensitivity”

    1. Thanks for your comment! I actually don’t believe I was being hypersensitive in my response to his actions. He actually told me that I was being so — hence the title. Honestly, he just wasn’t really versed in social norms, and that it might be offensive to someone to make general statements about my family members (whom he’s never met). Sigh. At some point, hopefully he’ll learn!

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