Upgrading My Fitbit

This post has been sponsored by Amazon, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

I joined the Fitbit family over two years ago in an effort to get more active and hold myself more accountable. I got a Fitbit Flex after the Force was recalled, and I’ve liked it for the most part. The biggest issue I had with the Flex was that it didn’t have the display that the Force had. This band takes up some prime real estate, but doesn’t actually have a watch face, and wearing both can sometimes feel inconvenient (but it feels weird to wear the Fitbit on my non-watch wrist).

Though the Charge, the Blaze, and the Surge are all out, none of them had me excited enough to replace my Flex. Enter Fitbit Alta.

This Fitbit newbie will be available mid-March, and will be sold in four colors (black, blue, plum or teal) and two sizes. The wristband is said to be slightly slimmer than the Flex, but similar to the Flex, the Alta features changeable wristbands. Most notably, there will now be leather and sleek metal options.

Beyond the simple face of the Flex, the Alta can has call, text, and calendar notifications. There are different clock faces to choose from, and this one has more reminders to move throughout the day. This is just far more functional, without being so bulky. The sleep tracker is still there, as are the silent alarms, and you can still use the app to your heart’s desire.

I found myself envying a friend that has an Apple watch, because her lovely device automatically recognized her various activities without her having to track different types of exercise. Even if you’re used to doing that with the Fitbit app, you would do it a lot less with the Alta. The Alta has a new SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, which excites me to no end, because now I can take a spinning class without moving my FitBit to my shoe. Have you ever done that? Well, now you can run, spin, bike or use the elliptical, and your Fitbit knows (this is available on the Charge, Surge, and Blaze as well, but not the Flex).

Needless to say, you can order the Alta now. I have.

“Meeting” Online

Though I can truly say that there are several people that I’ve befriended over the years, having met through different web forums, blogs and other media, it’s not nearly as often that online dating has been a successful venture for me.  More often than not, I find myself questioning my decision to even put myself out there, believing that I must have signed up in a fit of desperation.

But desperation really isn’t it.  And there’s nothing wrong with online dating.  There are some perfectly nice people on these websites…

Why the hesitancy?  Especially when I admit that “the potential” was discovered on one such site.  Because something’s always wrong.  Whether it’s a communication issue, a social awkwardness, a moving too fast situation, or what have you, they’re always wrong.  And I’m not just being pessimistic, I can now say that I’ve had accounts on at least seven different dating sites.  Not all at the same time, of course.  That would be a nightmare.

And while, yes, I can see the pros of some sites over others, and responses have been more positive from some over others, I’m still not convinced that this is how I want to meet my ultimate match.  Does that make sense?  Even though my best friend seems to have found the love of her life from a dating site, even though another good friend is clearly in love with a guy she met from a different site, I’m still not convinced.  I mean, no, I’m not Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”  I don’t need the fairy tale.  I think it’s just that I don’t want to have to later attribute my relationship success to social media.  Something just seems wrong about that.

Maybe I’m just old school…